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Carla Anne Coroy

  April 2012  

Wow! So much is going on, and I'm really excited about what God is doing.

There's still a little time to win a Kindle Touch 3G, and there's a new book giveaway coming up and a chance to watch me on TV!!

I'm also packing for a visit to the Toronto area - hope to see some of you there!

Blessings, Carla Anne


April-May Toronto Tour

The next few weeks will be full of travel for me. I'll be touring through Ontario... from Brantford to Bowmanville and everywhere in between! Take a look at this schedule of events, and if you live nearby please come say hello. If you have friends in the area, let them know, I'd love to meet them!

Sat. April 28, Pickering:
Michael's Family Books, Book Signing 1-5 PM

Mon. April 30, Burlington:
100 Huntley Street, TV Interview (9 AM on Global, 9 AM and 11 PM on CTS)

Wed. May 2, Courtice:
Trulls Road Free Methodist MOPS Group 9:30 AM (I love MOPS!)

Thu. May 3, Brantford:
Brant Pregnancy & Resource Centre MOPS Group 9:30 AM (Yeah! More MOPS!)
The Gospel Lighthouse Book Store, Book Signing 1:30-5:30 PM

Fri. May 4, Scarborough:
Faith Family Books, Book Signing 5-8:30 PM

Sat. May 5, Bowmanville:
Liberty Ladies Breakfast, Tickets $5, for more info 905-623-5100

Sun. May 6, Bowmanville:
Liberty Pentecostal Church, Speaking at 10:30 AM Service

There are still a few spots left for me to talk with ladies, sign books, or speak to your group. And if this trip doesn't work I'll be back in June! So contact me ASAP to make arrangements for your ladies group, MOPS group, homeschool group or church.

Where in the World is Married Mom, Solo Parent?

I love it when I see that my book is being read all over the place! There's nothing more encouraging than to know people in all places and all cultures find the book helpful. But I don't actually know the whole story!

I need your help!

I'd like to know what country, state and city you live in if you have read my book. AND I'd love to have a photo of you with the book.

I think it would be fun to have a gallery on my website to see all the places the book is going in the world. If you read it on a Kindle, or on your computer or similar, just snap a photo of yourself with your electronic device showing my book if you can!

So far I know people are reading it in Canada, the US, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa... can you add to the list? But I need those photos!

I wonder if we could get a book photo from every state and province in the US and Canada?

Spreading the Word

This ministry is pretty much full-time for me. God has called me into it, and I am honored. I don't see anything so special about myself that He should pick me. Itís all His choice. He often chooses to use the weakest and least probable. Thatís how I feel. Anything good that comes from this is all because of God and His power and love for the people I might touch.

I know God uses His people to fund His work. Thatís why Iím inviting you to be part of this ministry.

My main jobs are to write, speak, mentor marriages, and develop materials so others can grow and find hope and joy in the midst of everyday life. My husbandís role is even bigger. [Edit: I disagree...] He is my editor, my arranger of too many details, and my chief encourager and coffee-bringer. Heís the administrative wonder behind everything you see!

Currently we have no income from this ministry. Yet we sense God is saying He wants us to reach more people, and help Him rescue more marriages as we point them to Him and His ways. We are seeing opportunities to do that, opportunities that seem wise and appropriate, but so far we lack the funds to pursue them.

We currently do not have a non-profit charitable organization set up, nor do we have the resources or people to even consider pursuing that right now. So we cannot give you a tax receipt.

We trust that God will see what you give and will bless you for it. (And NOÖ we're not saying you will become rich and successful if you send us money!!)

There is a Donate button on my website. Feel free to bless us as God prompts, especially if youíve been blessed by what we do, and what God continues to do through us.

Did you know?

Married Mom, Solo Parent was recently honored by the reviewers at ForeWord Magazine, a secular publication that informs libraries and book sellers across the continent about quality books to purchase.

ForeWord has identified my book as one of the best parenting books of the year, and as a Book of the Year Award Finalist.

Isn't God good?! It's His book... let's give HIM the glory!

Interviews 2012 - Will You Be A Winner?

There are still prizes to be won!

Interviews 2012 - Carla Anne Coroy - Win a Kindle Touch 3GIf you are a MARRIED SOLO PARENT and you want to be involved in my research, let me know and Iíll send you an Interview packet to fill out and return to me. Complete it and send it back by May 11th and you might win a Kindle Touch 3G.

FOSTER and ADOPTIVE MOMS - I need you too! I'd love for you to fill out an interview packet as well. I want to highlight moms like you who are doing a great work in the fabric of the upcoming generation. Contact me to get the interview packet, and if you return the completed survey by May 11th you will also be entered to win that Kindle Touch 3G!

If you are none of those... thatís okay! Just refer someone to me who is, and if she returns the package in time youíll also be entered in a draw to win a $20 gift card of your choice.

Learn more about Interviews 2012 here. You can request an interview package by replying to this newsletter directly or by contacting me through my website.

Married Solo Moms in the Bible

The wives of the Disciples... we know at least some of them were married!
King David's wives - I know he didn't take them into battle!
Zipporah - Moses' wife - He sent her and the kids home once the Israelites started giving him trouble in the wilderness

There's a lot more... which ones can you think of?

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