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Carla Anne Coroy

  September 2011  

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first newsletter.

This issue is about celebrating firsts! I've also included a great treat recipe, interesting stats on Married Single Moms, and some of my thoughts on Walkin’ the Word.

Bless you, my friends!

Carla Anne


Celebrating Firsts

This is a season of firsts for me. It's an exciting and busy time! Check the list below - there's a lot for you to see and do!

Married Mom, Solo Parent will be released on Oct. 1st. That's less than 2 weeks away! Learn more.

My Website is now ready for you to visit, view and love! Please check out the photo gallery, leave me a message, invite me to speak, buy my book, get FREE stuff, check out my recipes, read my blog and donate to the ministry. There's a lot to explore!

Facebook Fan Page - My husband (with the help of programmer Tim Koop) made a beautiful welcome page for my Facebook Fan Page. Please pop on over. You'll need to "like" me in order to see it all so please click "Like" when you get there!

My Blog has been completely revamped! And for the first time ever, as an alternative to subscribing to my whole blog, you can subscribe to just the particular categories you are interested in. Come take a look! (Don't forget to leave a comment!)

McNally Robinson is the location of my FIRST book signing and book launch! Read below for all the details!

A Facebook Party!! If you have a computer and an internet connection you'll want to be there. It's the first online party I've ever thrown! It should be fun (see details below).

This Newsletter is brand new. Don't you love it? I'm hoping to use this to keep you informed about what's going on and to keep you in the loop about things that are important. At this point, the plan is one newsletter every season.

Media Interviews are starting for me. I know you'll want to hear them or watch them, so as they come up I'll let you know. But you'll want to be sure to be subscribed to at least my 'News' blogs at

Recipe - Eat More Bars

There are only FOUR ingredients in this quick and delicious treat. My son loves to make them and everyone loves to eat them! Many thanks to Eileen Funk for sharing this recipe with us. Read more.

Do you have a recipe you'd like to share? Favourite Christmas treat recipe that quick and easy? Please send it to me and I may include it in my next newsletter or feature in on my blog. You can reply to this email or contact me through my website.

Tidbits & Trivia

In a recent Co-Parenting Survey by and women were asked if they agree with the statment "Sometimes I feel like a Married Single Mom"....

Did you know 24% of working moms said they agree completely? For stay at home moms the number came in slightly higher at 28%.

That means 1 in 4 moms feel like a Married Single Mom at least some of the time!

Walkin’ the Word

Sometimes all the hustle and bustle of the back-to-school season stresses me out. I want to organize the calendars, the events, the meals and chores so everything works out perfectly. And in the midst of it my nose gets stuck on all things 'Carla Anne' instead of on God. Kind of like this guy in the Bible named Job. He got kind of stuck on the 'why is this happening to me' wheel.

There are four chapters tucked in near the end of the book of Job that can change my focus. Job 38-41 is a one-sided conversation that God has with Job. He asks him question after question, insisting that Job answer Him while knowing that Job has no answer to give! It's the only time I know of in Scripture where God has a sarcastic tone.

After asking Job where the gates of death are held, if he's ever told the morning sun to rise, and who gave the waves their boundaries God says to him (listen for the sarcasm):

But of course you know all this!
   For you were born before it was all created,
      and you are so very experienced! - Job 38:21 (NLT)

My challenge to you this fall is to settle in with your Bible and soak in the questions that God asks of Job. Encounter the Creator in all His splendor. Then let His power and sovreignty seep into the way you handle your day.  Give glory to Him for the sun, the rain, and the breath you breathe. You can rest in the knowledge that some things we don't understand really are "too wonderful for me to know". (Job 42:3)

Take time this fall to get your thoughts stuck on the majesty of God instead of the crazy busyness of life.

You're Invited...

McNally Robinson Book Launch

Friday, October 21st at 7 PM at McNally Robinson Winnipeg

This is a Dual Book Launch with author Dorene Meyer.

We will give brief presentations about our books, and then we'll do some book signing and enjoy decadent chocolate refreshments! Learn more.

Facebook Party

Tuesday, October 25th at 7 PM CST (5 PM PST, 6 PM MST, 8 PM EST)

Save the Date! I’m hosting a Facebook Party on 10/25 to celebrate the release of Married Mom, Solo Parent! Watch the Married Mom, Solo Parent Facebook Party page for further details!


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Married Mom, Solo Parent

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Married Mom, Solo Parent

Where do moms turn if they feel like a single parent—but they’re not? Whether he is away on business, deployed in the military, or obsessing over a hobby, families face unique and difficult challenges when dad is unavailable.

Moms who parent in these situations need help...

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